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About Amy

Whole Heart Communications specializes in helping individuals, teams and organization live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. As a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Amy’s expertise is in the impact of stress on the body and in assisting clients to increase their capacity in managing that stress. Amy supports clients to practice mindfulness to better manage anxiety and habits of thinking and brings the neuroscience of mindfulness to trainings that range from individuals to small groups to organizational teams.

Working one-on-one in a coaching relationship, Amy helps clients slow down and tune into their hearts. She creates the space that allows clients to take a reflective look at their lives and mirrors back the wisdom that their lives matter and it’s okay to care deeply and compassionately about themselves, their dreams and their struggles. She supports individuals toward increased personal awareness of how to be in the present moment, to connect with body, heart, and mind and connect with personal strengths. She works with people in a light, positive, and uplifting way to practice something new, to develop a practice of self-awareness that taps their personal strengths, holds clients accountable to what they say they want, and creates an ability to relax, reduces stress, and increases their personal well-being. She assists people to connect their heart to their health impacting all areas of their lives in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

Whole Heart Communication classes and workshops integrate teaching, interactive processes, open dialogue, journal writing, dyad (paired) inquiry, and mindful movement to help people set personal goals. During group sessions, Amy places high value on what the group can achieve together while supporting the diversity of those in attendance. From one-hour lunch-and-learn sessions to weekly, weekend, and six-month workshops, Amy works with people in a positive way to connect their heart to their health.