Mindful Checklist Friendship


Friendship, communing with another human being, especially when you feel seen, heard and understood is one of life’s rich and affirming gifts. We literally need one another. Friendship puts the soft edges on rough corners and we are worn smooth by friendly connections and belonging together.

Often, friendship makes your suffering easier to bear. Having someone help hold your pain is strengthening and healing.

Social support, such as friendship, is powerful medicine. Research shows that those with challenging and life-threatening illness rank social support in the top 9 factors that contribute to healing and thriving. Those that continue to embrace and reach into life create a profound difference in their lives, and in their personal wellbeing.

Think right now, about one close friendship and let that memory rest in your heart. Let a smile come to your face as you recall the  laughter, connection, and shared experiences that leave an indelible imprint. These times deepen and restore you to your best possible self, filled with the inner knowing that all life matters. Your life, and your friend’s life and their friend’s life matter in a way that is poignant and meaningful. A circle is cast and you and your beloved friends are an integral part of this beautiful whole.

Use this mindful checklist to take inventory of your friendships and connections to consciously acknowledge their meaning and impact in your life. This is medicine for your life.

  • Make a list of those friendships that are important to you

  • What is it that makes them important and meaningful; acknowledgment deepens the feeling

  • Give thanks for the fullness friendship brings

  • Silently, in heart and mind, offer a blessing or wish for the friends in your life

  • Be a friend to those you don’t know yet; friendship is a balm for the world

  • If it’s been a while since connecting, reach out and reconnect, reaffirm the significance your friends have had on your wellbeing

“Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.”

Kahlil Gibran