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Cultivate Health; Learn to Live Well with Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer immediately focuses the mind on what is most important. It’s a potent time to review health, lifestyle, relationships, career and personal wellbeing. Wherever you are on the cancer continuum:

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YOU are the one who makes the difference.

Each day you bring yourself to the lab test, scan, x-ray, treatment room, doctor visit and life. How do you do it? The mindset you bring to meeting each moment has a profound impact on health and wellbeing.

YOU can learn to live well with cancer.

A diagnosis of cancer brings change. Research shows the top three things you can do to help yourself are:


1. Social Support

2. Stress Management

3. Sleep


This six-week webinar will:

Understand that most cancers are a chronic illness
Create an environment in the body to make cancer inhospitable
Be in charge of your health and life with courageous advocacy

Inner strength and resilience
Realistic goals for radical self-care
Learn stress reduction and improved coping skills

Clarity about fears, concerns, challenges and what to do next
Develop new ways to address personal challenges
Support through shared experience with a skilled cancer coach

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Each week the webinar will be filled with valuable information for you to learn to live well with cancer. In order to make the best use of our time together I suggest two things:

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