"Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being."

-J. Stanford


Health & Wellbeing


Health is not the absence of illness. Our bodies instinctively move towards homeostasis and they can be perfectly in balance and yet in poor health. Health has a lot more to do with your mindset than your blood pressure.

Are you anxious most of the time and think that’s normal? Do you feel trapped by circumstances? Does the pressure of life feel overwhelming? Are you always tired? Would you like to lose a few pounds and have had that desire for years? Are you gripped by negative self-talk that is on repeat? Do you choke back your words in an effort to keep the peace? What are you doing about your anger and resentment? Do you long for meaningful connection and don't know how to get it?

Don’t wait - your life is happening right now. Do you acquiesce to some low level of disatisfaction believing “that’s just he way life is?” You are settling and why? You have a precious human life. You can live life from a place of greater satisfaction and ease.Working with a coach is a healthy way to grow and take full accountability for your life.

Health Coaching

Making changes begins with awareness. Coaching is a process where a client takes stock of where they are now and where they would like to be, and investigates the gap with full honesty. This could be about anything - relationships, weight, exercise, stress, living with a chronic illness, negative self-talk, distractions, lack of self-esteem or confidence, boundaries or lack of them, communicating needs and wants, pervasive anxiety or how to ask for help. Clients learn strategies and practices to engage in that facilitate change, all with support from the coach. Some practices are directly related to how they “think” about things - a common obstacle to making change. Partnering with Amy is a deep dive into seeing yourself honestly and unedited, an investigation into what your heart most desires, and taking steps to create that future. Get to the heart of what matters most and step more fully into your life.


I was greatly impressed with Amy’s level of insight and acuity that helped me combat stress with formal meditation practice as well as informal insights into more mindful living. She helped me function better at work and in relationships.
— Joanne
Amy’s intuition is a guide to safety and deep discovery.
— Shelley