Health & Wellness Coaching

Coaching is the art and practice of partnering between a professional coach and a client ready to take charge of their life. Amy's job is to support the client in identifying dreams and desires as well as ways they self-sabotage and limit themselves. Together, they carefully look at motivation for change, and investigate their readiness to take action toward that change. She then supports clients in uncovering possible barriers that could inhibit change as well as resources they already have that inspire the change they seek.

It begins with the joint understanding that the client is the expert in his or her life and the coach is there to enable the process of discovery. This creates a high degree of awareness, self-responsibility, and knowledge. Throughout the process Amy employs skills of compassionate and reflective listening, deepening reflection, questions designed to open insight all the while supporting the client toward confidence and effective action.

The coaching process helps facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior change challenging clients to listen to their own inner wisdom, identity what they value and transform their goals into action. Amy helps clients connect their heart to their health transforming all aspects of their lives. Are you ready?

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