Cancer Coaching

You have a diagnosis of cancer, now what? Or you have a recurrence of cancer and you thought you had put this behind you. Maybe you have come to the end of treatment options and are now facing death.

 You know the feelings of fear, overwhelm, anxiety, and isolation. You hear your inner voice questioning the current and prior choices you've made along the way. What if you could feel present, educated, and empowered? What if your voice was an advocate while you live with your cancer diagnosis? What would it be like to accept the disease rather than try to vanquish or deny it? And if you have exhausted all treatment options, what if you could accept death graciously without any unfinished business?

Every cancer and every cancer journey is unique to the person experiencing it. Partnering with an experienced cancer coach helps you navigate the often-confusing array of information, medical lexicon, and therapeutic options. A cancer coach helps identify and support opportunities and obstacles that arise while undergoing treatment for cancer. Having the support of a cancer coach helps you make decisions based on fact rather than fear; helps you lean into the experience with eyes wide open.

 It also presents an opportunity to focus on what matters most to you now and shape how you live into that meaning. It can be an opportunity to look at lifestyle choices, the impact of stress on your life, confront any unfinished business, and nurture your body, mind and spirit. The mindset you bring to your diagnosis, disease, and treatment can serve to instill hope or fear. Working with Amy can help you focus on what’s most important to you each step of the way. Amy can help you cultivate the mindset that expands your cancer experience to include the whole of your life. Perhaps then you will know and trust that Wholeness that is inherent in all of life.

 A cancer diagnosis changes your life in many ways; you don’t have to get lost as you make the journey. Are you ready?

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