Stress Management and Resilience Training

Stress Management + Mindfulness = Resilience

Have you ever driven across town and don't remember how you arrived at your destination? Have you ever read a page or two of a book and have no recollection of what you just read? Do you find it hard to listen to your spouse or children because your mind is focused on the day's problems or "to do" list?

Stress is a struggle with what is. A mind that doesn't have what it wants or doesn't want what it has experiences stress. The fast pace of life, the innumerable choices we are faced with, we spend half our days physically here but mentally elsewhere. We spend most of our time rushing through each day we miss the beauty and goodness that is already and always here.

S.M.A.R.T. is a structured course scientifically proven to decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety, and increase well-being, resilience, and self-regulation. This is accomplished through training attention and refining interpretations incorporating elements of mindfulness, reflection, shared experience and small-group learning.. Attention training will soften the voice in your head so you more freely experience the present moment. Refining interpretations will clear your inner dialogue of prejudice and negativity and plant in your mind seedlings of the enduring principles of gratitude, compassion, and self-kindness. Exchange your negativity bias, which is hardwired in the brain, to focus on gratitude, cultivate compassion, resourcefully accept what it, and rediscover life's meaning.

  • Learn how the brain seesaws between focused mode and default mode

  • Learn how the negativity bias colors perception and attention

  • Train attention to focus on what's working well

  • Sustain attention through practice

  • Cultivate patience, compassion and gratitude

This class is offered as a weekend workshop or an 8-week class. Are you or your workplace ready to prevent or reduce burnout?

Upcoming Offerings

Weekend Retreat
September 14 - 16, 2018



"If you’re looking to gain insight to improve your health and obtain the tools and resources you need in order to reach that goal, then I highly recommend any workshop offered by Amy Trezona. I’ve taken two of her courses and both have been life changing. I’m living with the positive results everyday."  Jill Sager

"I can change the pattern of my thinking by practicing more useful and positive ways of interpreting situations." N. Rodakowski

"Stress is a lot more layered than I thought. I have more insight into my current thinking about others." Cecelia Perry

"I feel very comfortable with Amy. She is calm, warm and caring. She puts everyone at ease." P. Wells

Hardwiring Happiness


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