Amy encourages and supports your personal journey towards mindful living. Time spent was engaging, energizing, and thought provoking helping me connect the dots from past, to present and into the future I so richly deserve to live.
— Bindu
I have a higher level of awareness of the fragility of life. Mindfulness is a heart engendering practice. Amy has a friendly approach and connects easily with all participants. It feels like she lives the lifestyle. She has an incredible spirit and energy.
— M. Miller

I was greatly impressed with Amy’s level of insight and acuity that helped me combat stress with formal meditation practice as well as informal insights into more mindful living. She helped me function better at work and in relationships.
— Joanne
Amy can so gently hold your feet to the fire, one simply feels motivated to explore further.
— Mary

I am not my thoughts. I am just right the way I am, and I can let life flow around me. Amy creates a space that is welcoming and encourages growth and understanding. If you want to find ways to choose happiness and stillness amidst the ebb and flow of life, learning mindfulness practices from Amy is a great stepping stone.
— D.C.
Learning the value of mindfulness, I have never taken the time to care for myself in this way. I’ve always kept myself in good shape physically, and now mindfulness will help me take better care of myself mentally.
— J. O'Hala

Amy’s intuition is a guide to safety and deep discovery.
— Shelley
Amy is a vibrant, energetic and committed coach who not only understands human behavior, motivation and psychology, but has practical tools to empower you to create change in your life. She combines her knowledge of health and compassion as a nurse with the expertise, curiosity and intuition of a coach.
— Dr. Sangwan